app to ensure patch-less roads

1- The app shall be available for free down load, by punching your mobile and emailID.
2- Any body finding a pot shall have to upload chainage (District, State, name of road, km, LH/RH, pic, size of pot L*W*H).
3- Info at 2 shall triger above message to respective DM email and viewable district, road, chainage wise to all.
4- NIC team under DM shall ensure it to forward it to respective Executive Engineer with CC to SE, CE, HOD, Minister within 48 hours.
5- Concerning EE shall feed quantity of works to be executed, with item rate and cost on the app within 100 hrs of report of pot holes.
6- Respective SE, CE, HOD, shall put an online confirmation on this app that funds have been made available within 20 days of uploading the patch details.
7- Concerning Executive Engineer shall certify compliance of patch repair within 200 days with photo of finished repaired pot hole.
8- Any body can complain on the quality of pot hole on this app which shall be replied by respective JE, filling his name and mobile. JE incharge shall be punished for any quality failure.
9- NGO or any firm registered on this app can quote for the work with the condition that defect liabilities period shall be one year and 10% of the cost shall be released after 365 days of satisfactory performance.
10- This app shall have features to track, monitor bidding process, payment/liabilities, and to quote and pay online to concerned contractors/agency by the concerned EE.