I do appreciate concerns. on fire in view of serious fire in 27 floor residential tower. We need to do serious brain storming on the all the concerns related to fire issues. It’s a fact that fire OEM are cheaters smoke detectors, auto sprinklers,
fire alarm system are fake everywhere and since last 40 years I m feeling the same, yet these equipments are only show peace. Since this subject is related to me professionally and hence I shall keep doing R&D on this*. Lift & Fire issues can be resolved thru consumer forum only. U may appreciate that guide rails of an ordinary lathe machine and jig boring machine, rails of slow moving trains and bullet trains, do differ in material specifications and micron level finish. Both builders and OEM are big cheater and are money minting mode. Indian Building Congress should formulate clear guidelines/code provision to guide NHDRC. I m likely to publish a paper for publication in IBC annual session.

Reason for building fire in London

“They said they had repeatedly raised fire safety concerns, which they said included the building’s inadequate escape routes, the absence of an integrated alarm system and a renovation last year that they worried had left their building clad in panels that were shiny and new but not up to code.”