Awesome product. Fit and forget.

1. Use a PVC pipe and cut it to the size equal to the height of your tank (let’s call this sensor stick).

2. Use ZipTies to secure all the three sensors to the PVC pipe (Sensor Stick), use three ZipTies per sensor.

3. Use 3 to 5 meters of electric wire of three different colors (remember the colors!) and solder (yes, solder) the sensor wires to these three wires independently. Use ZipTies liberally to secure the wires all along the Sensor Stick (If you don’t solder there is a good chance that the bare copper/metal will oxidize pretty soon and the signal will not reach the control unit).

4. It’s up to you how you fix the sensor stick inside the tank (get creative!). Mine is (actually my landlord’s) is a plastic tank, so I just burnt a hole on the top of the tank towards the periphery.

5. Now you have three wires coming out of the tank, each color defining the sensor location (GROUND/bottom or LOW/middle or HIGH/top).

6. Now it’s up to you how you are going to carry these wires till the control unit without messing-up with the color codes. You can either use the same wires all the way OR use an ethernet cable (LAN cable).

Note: Always remember to SOLDER the wires to join them, this prevents oxidation and ensures perfect conductivity all the time. Again, use the ZipTies liberally throughout the course of the cable to prevent it from being pulled away.

Good luck with the setup! This is one small step towards home automation which takes away a chore off your mind so that you can use the time on the ones that matters the most.

Use Renewable Energy wherever possible. Peace.